We are very well aware of the current NFT and token inflation that plague other NFT games. Therefore, MetaSpets's economy is based on only one principle: Combat NFT & token inflation.
MetaSpets will make sure that every asset you have in the game will have its own purposes and values. Nothing will be inflated.
Token reward distribution is also among our primary concerns and we have effective plans to balance the token flow, making sure our token values will be stable for the communities.
In order to fight NFT & token inflation, our economic flow introduces functions that allow users to gain and burn NFTs/tokens at reason paces, avoiding the excessive quanity of NFTs/tokens released on the market.
PvE (Play to Earn)
Easy to Enter Easy to play Easy to earn
PVP - Seasonal Contests - Guild quests & Guild wars
Competitive Much more valuable rewards Effective token/NFT flows