Our Vision & Mission

MetaSpet is an idle RPG game based on blockchain technology.


The demand to own, trade, or even make money from in-game items has existed for a long time within traditional gaming environments. The creation of blockchain technology has answered that need and taken it to new heights, creating the trend of play-and-earn. We create MetaSPets to become a leading product in this burgeoning and explosively lucrative new market.


Learning from other games' both past mistakes and successes, we are focusing on creating a unique product, bringing a breath of fresh air to the users in this market. It will offer a fantastic user experience and form the foundation of a strong community that will remain at the heart of our continuous development. MetaSpets is designed to be easy to earn, highly accessible, highly entertaining, user-friendly, and with a built-in play-and-earn function.

MetaSpet Official Trailer