Things that enhance your pets' prowess
Meta Souls are required to upgrade your Spets' levels to make them stronger, fight better, and earn more.
There are 6 kinds of Meta Souls:
🔹 The first 2 kinds of Meta Souls (Common and Rare) were first released and sold in-game with the following price:
These two level souls will be used to upgrade equivalent Spets and cannot be traded. Soul levels will decide the success chances of the Upgrade.
🔹 Other higher level Meta Souls (Epic Meta Soul and above) will be acquired in Boss Raids, PvP, or Guild Wars when they are released. Note that higher level Souls are not sold in-game.
These valuable items are essential to your strategy in winning competitions as they can make your pets become stronger if you apply them correctly. You can also trade them on the marketplace if you want to.